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The role of a writer is not to say what we can all say, but what we are unable to say.
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my pokemon puns aren’t that hilarious but at least they’ll make you



i’m terrified of sounding mean on the internet so i always add too many exclamation marks and smiley faces but i think it makes me sound like a primary school teacher



no i dont want to be a billionaire to live a lavish lifestyle i want to be a billionaire to be financially secure and have enough money to give people things and support charities and fund kickstarters and leave hundred dollar tips


you know what i want? a plot where our muses are unhappy. where there might not be a happy ending for once. where they’re not best friends who realize they’re right for each other, or maybe they are and they do, but they just don’t know how to face it, and not in the cute way;…


do you want to play a kerry washington face? check out francesca

a leonardo dicaprio face? here’s dante

a rachel mcadams face? maybe you’ll like alivia

do you want play richard madden war vet? we’d love to have a tobias

a blake lively art thief? you…

skype calls: what
: what
: huh
: what
: you froze
: ok you're good
: no i couldn't hear you
: you were breaking up
: what
Me: I want more plots.
Characters: YES
To do list: NO

I will get to my replies soon, I promise. School has just taken over, I’m so sorry to all my partners who probably hate me at this point.

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